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GEON Visualization Workshop Links


Below are a series of links related to visualization workshop participant instutions and contacts.

We hope to expand this list to included related visualization efforts of interest.




GEON The Geosciences Network, Cyberinfrastructure for the Geological Sciences

San Diego Supercomputer Center, University of California, San Diego

San Diego Supercomputer Center/Calit2 Synthesis Center

Chaitan Baru, Linda Ferri

Unidata, Integrated Data Viewer (IDV), NetCDF, Thredds, OPeNDAP

Don Murray, Jeff McWirter

GeoWall, Paul Morin
Geology and Geophysics, University of Minnesota and National Center for Earth Surface Dynamics

Peter van Keken
Geological Sciences, University of Michigan

Jason Leigh
Electronic Visualization Laboratory, University of Illinois at Chicago


Electronic Visualization Laboratory, University of Illinois at Chicago

CAVE, Immersadesk, GeoWall, Quanta, Cavernsoft



Steve Cutchin, Amit Chourasia, Marcio Faerman,Geoff Ely,Jean-Bernard Minster (SIO)

Geofusion, Chuck Stein
Center for Research and Computation in the Arts, University of California, San Diego, Sheldon Brown, Todd Margolis
Parallel Applications Group, JPL/NASA, Lucian Plesea, Kevin Hussey
NASA Ames, World Wind, Patrick Hogan, Randy Kim
Department of Geology and Geophysics
School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST), University of Hawai'i at Manoa, GMT, Paul Wessel, Walter Smith (NOAA)
SDSC/GEON, Augmented Reality, Matt Clothier

NC State Department of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, GRASS, Helena Mitasova

See also: Grass Talk

Dynamic Graphics, EarthVision, Skip Pack, Art Paradis
Scripps Visualization Center, Dave Sandwell, Atul Nayak
IVS3D, Fledermaus
  GEON Visualization and Data activities of represented GEON Science Teams

GEON/Arizona State University, Integrated Studies of the Rockie Mountains; LIDAR, Aster Images, GRASS/ESRI GIS, data processing, access, visualization,Internet mapping, web services

Ramon Arrowsmith

GEON/University of Idaho, Structure of the Rockie Mountains; tectonics, topography (DEMs), GeoWall,

John Oldow

GEON/University of Texas, El Paso, Structure of the Rockie Mountains; tectonics, Geology, Geophysics, Gravity,topography (DEMs), GIS, Internet mapping and data access,

Randy Keller

GEON/Bryn Mawr , Metamorphic Petrology, Geology, GIS (CARIS), Petrology

Maria Luisa Crawford, Dianna Xu

GEON/Va Tech, Evolution of the mid-Atlantic Appalachian Orogen, Igneous Petrology Database, Geology, GIS Map Portals, on-line calculators, modeling

Krishna Sinha

GEON/Penn State, GeoVista, GIS Science, Geovisualization

Mark Gahegan

GEON/SDSC, Synthetic Seismogram (Synseis) modeling, Internet Mapping, Webservices, GIS, Visualization for Education and Outreach

Dogan Seber

GEON/UNAVCO, Jules Verne Voyager, GEON/IDV, Internet Mapping, 3D visualization,Visualization for Education and Outreach

Chuck Meertens

  Other Visualization Efforts

KeckCAVES, Keck Center for Active Visualization in Earth Sciences, Department of Geology, U.C. Davis

Louise Kellog

Visualization and Graphics Research Group of the Institute for Data Analysis and Visualization at UC Davis

Nina Amenta, Bernd Hamann, Ken Joy, Kwan-Liu Ma , Nelson Max, John Owens, and Oliver Staadt

Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute, University of Utah

Chris Johnson

Geotouch, 3D (and 4D) GIS for Geology and Geophysics, Dept. of Geological Sciences, University of North Carolina

Jonathan Lees

  Related Visualization Workshops

Envision'05 Visualization Workshop, Bonnie DeVarco, MediaTertia - Emerging Technologies in Education,
Katy Börner, Indiana University, School of Library and Information Science, InfoVis Lab

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