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Image Credits: (background) Leonardo Da Vinci . (lower right) A field geologist’s representation of information. The sketch represents observational associations in a fault zone ( Hope Valley, Conn.) that allow for a better understanding of processes - Krishna Sinha, Virginia Tech. [click image to enlarge]

GEON Visualization Workshop

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A GEON sponsored visualization workshop was held March 1 & 2, 2005, at the San Diego Supercomputer Center. The workshop addressed 4D representation of earth science datasets and models in a grid computing environment. The focus was to define the visualization requirements needed to conduct integrative science, to evaluate what tools are available, and to assess the areas where additional developments are needed. Data discovery, retrieval, standards, and interoperability among visualization packages and in relation to the GEONgrid were also addressed in the workshop. The workshop took place in the SDSC/CalIT2 Synthesis Center and included significant opportunities for “hands-on” interactions.

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