Workshop to Identify Ground-Based Digital Acquisition, Analysis, and Visualization Needs
of the Geological Science Community

April 6-8, 2006
San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC), University of California, San Diego (UCSD)

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Workshop Group Photo

A two day workshop was organized and sponsored by GEON (, an NSF funded ITR) to assess the community needs for the ground-based digital acquisition, analysis, and visualization of geologic information. The goals of the workshop were to: (1) identify the methods and technologies required for digital data acquisition, (2) to explore database and analysis tool requirements, (3) outline a vision for the architecture of national system for equipment accessibility, training, analysis, and data archiving, (4) initiate a discussion on data standards, required metadata, and information formats for databases, (5) identify the visualization requirements associated with digital acquisition methods, (6) develop a strategy for community involvement and implementation of the digital acquisition system, and (7) outline the relation of the digital acquisition system to existing or planned cyberinfrastructural initiatives in the earth sciences.


John S. Oldow, University of Idaho
Carlos L.V. Aiken, University of Texas at Dallas
J. Doug Walker, University of Kansas
Xu Xueming, University of Texas at Dallas