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Application Deadline for CSIG is June 15


The application deadline for this year’s Cyberinfrastructure Summer Institute for Geoscientists (CSIG), is quickly approaching, and will close on June 15th.    This CSIG ’07 will be held August 13-17, 2007 at the San Diego Supercomputer Center, on the University of California, San Diego campus.  This year’s target audience will be university faculty and instructors with the goal of promoting the development of curricula and courses in geoinformatics.  Individuals who are planning to teach such courses are highly encouraged to apply to this Institute. 

The application deadline for CSIG ’07 is June 15, 2007.  Participants’ course fees, on-campus housing, and meals during this Institute are provided via support received from the National Science Foundation.  Further details and an online application can be found at


GEON to Host Workshop at Virtual Observatories in Geosciences Meeting

VOiG GEON will host a half-day workshop at the Virtual Observatories in Geosciences meeting, June 11th in Denver, CO.   This will be co-facilitated by GEON team members Kai Lin, Chuck Meertens, and Dogan Seber, and will include a series of talks regarding GEON’s technologies and services.   The Virtual Observatories in Geosciences meeting is motivated by the Electronic Geophysical Year, recognizing the 50th anniversary of the 1957 International Geophysical Year.

Additional meeting information, as well as online registration for this workshop,  can be accessed at


GEON Receives Three Terabytes of Database Storage Space Allocation from TeraGrid

Teragrid GEON has been awarded three terabytes of disk space allocation from TeraGrid to store large volumes of LiDAR point cloud data, as part of the GEON Lidar Workflow (GLW). GLW is a portal-based application that enables computation of digital elevation models in a user-specified area.  GLW currently includes billions of observational points in a relational database and its holdings have dramatically increased over time.  Information regarding GLW can be found at


Geoinformatics 2007 Conference

VOiG More than 100 geoscience researchers from the U.S. and countries as far away as Australia, Japan, Britain, and France gathered at UCSD for the Geoinformatics 2007 Conference May 17-18. The meeting, organized by the Geological Society of America and hosted at Calit2 (California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology) at UCSD, was cosponsored by the USGS, NSF, the British Geological Survey, AGU and the San Diego Supercomputer Center.

Focusing on “Data to Knowledge,” the gathering provided an international forum for collaborating researchers and educators from earth and planetary sciences as well as information technology/computer science to present new data, modeling and analysis techniques, and visualization technologies that are being built as part of the emerging cyberinfrastructure for the geosciences. Topics spanned discovery, integration, management, and visualization of geosciences data to improve understanding of the processes that have shaped the earth over time. This was the second meeting of this national conference, which has in part grown out of the GEON annual meetings.

GEON PIs Krishna Sinha and Dogan Seber were on the Organizing Committee of this meeting, and several talks, posters and demos were given by GEON team members.  The full conference program can be found at: 


i-GEON Highlighted at 2007 AGU Joint Assembly Meeting in Acapulco, Mexico

Teragrid GEON PI, Dogan Seber, gave a presentation on international GEON (i-GEON) activities at the AGU Joint Assembly meeting held in Acapulco in May.   This talk was part of a session entitled “Earth and Space Science Cyberinfrastructures:  Data, Tools, Distribution, and Forecast Systems for International Collaboration”.   A variety of talks have focused on enhancing the international collaborations and the benefits of cyberinfrastructure-based efforts toward this goal.  A list of  presentations and abstracts can be found online at


SDSC/GEON Team Holds Software Retreat

Retreat The SDSC GEON team held a retreat on May 10 & 11, to discuss the software architecture for the next phase of the project, which is being called “GEON 2.0”.   The discussion focused on reorganizing and generalizing the software components developed thus far in order to create a software architecture that is more modular as well as easier to deploy in new environments. The new architecture is a culmination of the experience gained during the current phase of GEON, and is also based on requirements from community projects that are using the GEON portal for hosting their data and resources. The discussion focused on a modular approach based on 4-tiers of software: the Data Layer; Core Services Layer; Application Services Layer; and Application Clients (Portal) Layer.


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