GEON Projects

  • Open Earth Framework - A geological and geophysical data integration, analysis and visualization environment currently under development by GEON.

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  • Integrated Data Viewer - a fully interactive, true 3D and 4D tool to display and explore any data located on the Earth, inside the Earth, or above the Earth’s surface.

  • INTERFACE - funded by NSF to help geoscientists in obtaining high resolution and precision, 3D surface data.  GEON will be building upon our existing topographic data capability to incorporate INTERFACE TLS topographic data in the OpenTopography Portal.

  • SYNSEIS (SYNthetic SEISmogram generation tool) - A grid application designed to help seismologists and other researchers calculate synthetic 3D regional seismic waveforms using a well-tested, finite difference code, E3D, developed by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

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  • Paleointegration Project (PIP) - An internet-based system that provides extensive fossil and sedimentary rock databases that are searchable seamlessly from the GEON portal. This greatly facilitates studies of faunal and floral diversity, biogeography and climate through geologic time.


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