How to search resources using GEON Advanced Search?

  1. Click on the “Search” tab.
  2. Click on the sub-tab “Advanced Search”.
  3. Optionally type one or more search terms into the keyword box.

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    By default, the GEON search engine tries to find these terms in the titles, keywords and descriptions of all resources. You can choose to search only titles or keywords or descriptions and any combination of these by clicking on the checkboxes under the keyword box.
  5. Optionally choose the data types by checking the checkboxes next to the data types you are interested. By default, the GEON searches all the data types.

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  7. Optionally specify a spatial coverage by one of the following methods:

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    * Draw a rectangle on the Google Maps: First click on the dark blue button in the left bottom side of the Google Maps; and then use the mouse to draw a rectangle on the map.
    * Give latitudes/longitudes: Type the maximum/minimum of the latitudes and longitudes of the bounding box in the text fields under the Google Maps, and click the button “Locate”, and then a bounding box will be drawn on the Google Maps.
    * Input a place name: First type a place name (e.g., Colorado) into the text field at the right hand side under the Google Maps and click the button “Find it”. The system will connect to a Gazetteer to find a bounding box for you. In many cases, the system will return you a list of place names to let you choose. For example, the system may return you three places with the same name “Colorado”.

  9. Optionally specify a temporal coverage by one of the following method

  10. * A present time interval: Clicking on the radio button “present”, and then click on the calendar icons to set the starting time and the end time.
    * A geologic time interval: This can be specified by a name of geologic time or an explicit time from some millions year ago to some other millions year ago.

    To use a name of geologic time, first click on the radio button “geologic time” to show a pull down list of all geologic ages. Then choose the geologic age you are interested.
    To use explicit time, click on the radio button “geologic time” to show a pull down list of all geologic ages and select “Explicit Time Period”, then type in two numbers.

  11. Click on the Search button.


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