PaleoLit holds a sample of articles from paleontology journals and articles on related topics in non-paleo journals.

Paleontologists tell us that compared to other bibliographic search systems, they appreciate PaleoLit for its menus that allow combined search by organism and time period or region, for its abstract previews, and for its links to full text.

We are experimenting with a grid visualization to suggest whether the top-retrieved results are relevant highly or only somewhat, and with a map visualization as a sort of academic twitter to show which parts of the world research on a given topic is being conducted.

PaleoLit is being developed at the lab of Dr. Jaime Carbonell within the School of Computer Science of Carnegie Mellon University, in collaboration with Dr. Baru and the GEON project. We are grateful for the specialist advice of paleontologist Chris Noto of Grand Valley State University and the occasional help of other paleontologists. All are invited to send comments to gelern at cmu dot cs dot edu.


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