imageThe OpenTopography Facility was begun as a GEON Project initiative to build an online system that provides integrated access to high resolution topographic data from LiDAR, web-based processing tools, and enables the user community to share knowledge, experiences and resources.  The OpenTopography Portal provides LiDAR point cloud access and processing as well as access to standard digital elevation model (DEM) products and Google Earth-based visualizations of the data.  The goal of OpenTopography is to provide a portal where access to various public domain airborne and terrestrial LiDAR, bathymetry, and other topographic data can be centralized.
imageOpenTopography hosts a variety of high-resolution LiDAR topography including data acquired by the EarthScope Project.  EarthScope LiDAR data provide very high-resolution coverage for active faults throughout the western United States.  LiDAR data from other sources will also be available via OpenTopography as the project progresses.

The OpenTopography Facilty is the product of collaboration between the San Diego Supercomputer Center and Arizona State University and is supported by the National Science Foundation under Award Numbers 0930731 & 0930643


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