The GEO Grid project (Global Earth Observations Grid) is based at AIST, Japan. The goal of the project is to provide an e-science infrastructure for the Earth Sciences community, including a set of services for accessing remote sensing and geologic data.

GEON’s collaboration with GEO Grid is in developing interoperability between the two environments such that a search request in GEON also searches the metadata catalogs of GEO Grid. We are interested in providing GEON users access to the large amount of ASTER data that is readily available in GEO Grid. The catalog interoperability will be supported using OGC’s Catalog Services for the Web (CSW) standard.

GEO Grid researchers are using the high resolution airborne LiDAR data from GEON to validate the DEMs generated using lower resolution, satellite-based ASTER data available in GEO Grid.

This particular activity is being supported as part of GEON’s participation in the PRAGMA project (Pacific Rim Assembly for Grid Middleware Applications). PRAGMA is supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation under grant, #0627026.


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