GEON Gateways

  • Gravity & Magnetics Database - A compilation of gravity and magnetic data for the lower 48 states and all of North America respectively.

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  • Morphobank - A web application providing an online database and workspace for evolutionary research, specifically systematics (the science of determining the evolutionary relationships among species)

  • OpenTopography Facility - Begun as a GEON initiative to build an online system that provides integrated access to high-resolution topographic data, web-based processing tools, and enables the user community to share knowledge, experiences and resources.  OpenTopography is now independently funded by the NSF as a data Facility.

  • EarthScope Data Portal - GEON is partnered with the EarthScope project to provide a one stop portal for download of EarthScope Data.

  • GEO Grid - GEON is collaborating with our colleagues at AIST, Japan to allow interoperability between GEON and GEO Grid catalogs so that users will have seamless access ASTER imagery and DEM data that is readily available in the GEO Grid system.

  • SWGEONET - an integrated data system focusing on the Transition Zone between the Colorado Plateau and the Basin and Range Province, located primarily in Arizona and New Mexico.  The region is of fundamental significance if we are to understand the geologic evolution of Southwestern North America.


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