Recommended Reading Materials (under construction)

  1. Geoinformatics: Cyberinfrastructure for the Solid Earth Sciences, Edited by Randy Keller and Chaitanya Baru, Cambridge University Press, May 2011, ISBN: 9780521897150. Recommended reading for all CSIG participants.

  2. Informatics and the 2007-2008 Electronic Geophysical Year.  Recommended reading for all CSIG participants.

  3. Relationships between community actors in GIN (Geoscience Information Network). This lays out the vision and key elements of GIN. Reference provided by Dr. Lee Allison.

  4. Kepler website and getting started documentation. Information about the Kepler Workflow System. Reference provided by Ilkay Altintas.

  5. Tectonic geomorphology of the San Andreas Fault zone from high resolution topography:  An example from the Cholame segment.  Reference provided by Dr. Ramón Arrowsmith.

  6. Final workshop report on Studying Earth Surface Processes with High-Resolution Topographic Data. Reference provided by Dr. Ramón Arrowsmith.

  7. 3-D Interdisciplinary Visualization:  Tools for Scientific Analysis and Communication.  Reference provided by Dr. Debi Kilb.

  8. Research Methodologies in Science Education: Visualization and the Geosciences, (Journal of Geoscience Education, v. 50, n. 4, p. 449). This article provides information about what methods are most useful in teaching students visualization skills, as well as what types of future research can ensure that accessible educational strategies will be effective for enhancing spatial and visualization skills. Reference provided by Karin Kirk.

  9. Teaching Geoscience with Visualizations:  Using Images, Animations, and Models Effectively. This website from On the Cutting Edge contains pedagogic research about teaching with visualizations, tips for educators and extensive collections of geoscience visualizations and classroom activities that involve visualizations. Reference provided by Karin Kirk.

  10. Above the Clouds: A Berkeley View of Cloud Computing. Reference provided by Dr. Sriram Krishnan.

Web Services

  1. Web Services Tutorial
  2. XML Tutorial
  3. WSDL
  4. SOAP


  1. Guide to GIS
  2. GIS Software
  3. Open Geospatial Consortium
  4. GIS Data depot
  5. GIS at the University of Edinburgh
  6. GIS Resources
  7. Example GIS Portal
  8. GIS poster from USGS
  9. Google Earth
  10. KML

Data Management

  1. Data Modeling
  2. XML Tutorial
  3. Ontology Development 101
  4. OWL Guide (official OWL tutorial)

Kepler Scientific Workflows

  1. Web site
  2. Workflow examples


  1. The ESRI Guide to GIS Analysis Volume 1: Geographic Patterns & Relationships
  2. Geographic Information Systems and Science
  3. Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop: The Basics of ArcView, ArcEditor, and ArcInfo Updated for ArcGIS 9 (Getting to Know series)


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