Cyberinfrastructure Summer Institute for Geoscientists
Current Agenda for CSIG '09

August 10-14, 2009

The following is a tentative agenda for CSIG '09. This may be revised as final details are worked through, though the general topics to be covered throughout the week will remain consistent.

MONDAY (10th)
TUESDAY (11th)
FRIDAY (14th)
Introduction, Overview, Motivations
OpenTopography Portal
Open Earth Framework (OEF)/Visualization
Discussion & Collaboration Planning
9:00 AM Welcome & Intro(Chaitan Baru) Intro to EarthScope science and data (Ramon Arrowsmith) LIDAR intro and science applications (Ramon Arrowsmith, Chris Crosby) Intro. to OEF - scientific motivations & Demo (Chaitan Baru, Chris Crosby) Round table Discussion, Facilitated by C Baru, et al
10:15 AM Break Break Break Break Break
10:30 AM Survey of Emerging IT Trends & Technology (Chaitan Baru) ES Data Portal (Baru & Lin) The OpenTopography Portal (Chris Crosby) Visualization Tools for the Classroom (Karen Kirk, 45 min) Intro to Freely Available Viz Tools (John Graham, 45 min) Discussion Continued
12:00 PM Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch


    Build Track Education Track Build Track Education Track Build Track Education Track  
1:30 PM Community earth science informatics initiatives & their impact (Lee Allison) Web Services; Catalog Services (Kai Lin, Sriram Krishnan) EarthScope data visualization and outreach (Debi Kilb) Overview of OpenTopography technology (Viswanath Nandigam, Chris Crosby) LIDAR for K-12 education (Ramon Arrowsmith) Visualization Technology (John Graham) Visualization and Analysis of Glacial Seismicity(Fabian Walter)  
2:30 PM Break Break Break Break  
2:45 PM Informatics and earth science research (Ramon Arrowsmith) System interoperability and GeoSciML (Ryan Clark) Using EarthScope GPS data in the classroom (S. Eriksson) Managing massive geospatial datasets - cloud computing and large database systems (Nandigam, Krishnan, Baru) LIDAR in undergraduate geomorphology (Ramon Arrowsmith) OEF Technology (David Nadeau, John Moreland) Finding Visualizations Tools and Integrating them into your Classroom (Karin Kirk)  
3:45 PM Break Break Break Break  
4:00 PM Guerilla Geoinformatics Education: Promoting Geoinformatics in Collaboration, Curricula, and "Other" (Chris Miller) GPS Products Portal, Web Services, and Real-Time Positioning (Yehuda Bock) Using EarthScope seismic data in the classroom (S. Eriksson) The Kepler Workflow System (Ilkay Altintas) LiDAR( cont.) Merged session: Discussion and overview to facilitate Fri AM roundtable (Chaitan Baru, Chris Crosby et al.)  
5:00 PM Session Ends Session Ends Session Ends Session Ends  
        5:30-9 PM Reception/Dinner @ Great Hall  


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