Ramon Arrowsmith (), GEON/ASU, Web Services
Chaitan Baru (), GEON/SDSC, Distributed Software Systems
Chris Condit (), SDSC, Open Source GIS
Amit Chourasia (), SDSC, TeraShake
Linda Ferri (), Calit2, Synthesis Center
Efrat Jaeger (), GEON/SDSC, Scientific Workflows
Randy Keller (), University of Oklahoma, Data Integration Challenges
Kai Lin (), GEON/SDSC, Knowledge Representation
Bertram Ludaescher (), GEON/UC Davis, Scientific Workflows
Chuck Meertens (), UNAVCO, Integration with GEON IDV
Ashraf Memon (), GEON/SDSC, Web Services
John Moreland (), Calit2, Synthesis Center
Krishna Sinha (), Virginia Tech, Knowledge Representation
David Valentine (), SDSC, GIS
Nancy Wilkins-Diehr (), SDSC, Science Gateway

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