Remotely-Sensed Earth-Data Visualization Tool and Technology Summit, October 27, 2009

GEON team members will attend the Remotely-Sensed Earth-Data Visualization Tool and Technology Summit to be held October 27th in Santa Barbara. This Summit is being organized by the New Media Research Institute and will bring together data visualization tool makers to talk about the state of the science in remote sensing visualization tool development.  GEON’s Open Earth Framework (OEF) software will be part of this discussion, with key developers attending and demonstrating its capabilities.  Descriptions of all tools discussed at this Summit will be collected into a book, Earth Data Visualization Tools and Technologies: State of the art and future trends, which will be published by the Earth System Research Press in early 2010. The Summit will also publish its conversations and content on the Summit site ( 

Further information regarding this Summit is available at


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