Given the nature of the science, international collaborations are a natural extension of GEON. The goals of the "International GEON", or iGEON, activities are to establish research and education partnerships with international partners, and to help deploy a GEON network in partner countries.

By deploying GEON nodes at their locations, international partners are able to contribute and share data—first, within their own countries—but, equally important, with the international GEON community. Furthermore, they are able to contribute to the development of the GEON cyberinfrastructure. International GEON workshops help bring together students, faculty, and research professionals who can then work jointly on the latest developments in cyberinfrastructure for the Geosciences.

International partners should be able to contribute to the overall mission of geoinformatics by sharing their data and tools, as well as contributing to the development and deployment of the appropriate cyberinfrastructure.

Collaborative activities are currently underway with India, Japan, and China, as well as with a broader range of Asia Pacific countries via the PRAGMA project. Preliminary discussions are also underway with Russia.