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Karan Bhatia
Grid Services

Tim Kaiser
Parallel Computing
Introduction to Parallel Programming
Parallel Programming Using Basic MPI
MPI: More of the Story
A Prototype Finite Difference Model
MPI Version of the Serial Code With One-Dimensional Decomposition
Parallel Computing Resources
Examples (tarball)

Bertram Ludaescher
Introduction to Databases and Knowledge Representation
Part I: Relational
Part II: XML
Part III: Knowledge Representation and Ontologies

Introduction to Scientific Workflows and the Kepler System

Ashraf Memon
GIS Workshop
GIS in GEON Cyberinfrastructure
ArcXML Overview

Web Service Workshop
Web Services Session Logistics
Web Services Overview [Source Code]
Web Services Foundation
Creating First Web Services
Creating Web Services for Accessing File [Source Code]
Creating Web Services for Accessing Database [Source Code]
GEON Web Services Examples [Source Code]
Web Service Security Overview and Further Reference

All Presentations

References for setting up platform for creating Web Services
Web Service Setup Instructions

Reza Wahadj
History of GIS, Software review and Data Collection
Concept of GeoDatabases
Concept of Georeferencing and Projection
ArcSDE Data Model

Ilya Zaslovsky
GIS Workshop
Spatial Analysis
Internet GIS