GEON 3rd Annual Meeting Agenda
Research Frontiers in Cyberinfrastructure for the Geosciences
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May 4, 2005
5-7 pm   Welcome Reception,
Bahia Hotel at 'The Pond' (weather permitting)
May 5, 2005

Bahia Hotel Ballrooms B-C-D-E
7:00 am     Full Breakfast Served aboard the Wm D Evans Sternwheeler
8:00 am   Welcome (Chaitan Baru)
8:10 am   Remarks by NSF: Herman Zimmerman, Leonard Johnson, David Lambert, Kevin Thompson
8:30 am   GEON Science Integration Concepts (Krishna Sinha)
9:00 am   GEON IT Solutions (Chaitan Baru)
9:30 am   GEON Products and Demos
GEONGrid Systems (Karan Bhatia)
Portal (Choonhan Youn)
Data Registration and Ontology-based Smart Search (Kai Lin)
Map Integration (Ashraf Memon)
Workflows: Bertram Ludaescher, Efrat Jaeger
Grid Enabled HPC, e.g. SYNSEIS (Dogan Seber)
Visualization: Chuck Meertens, Chuck Stein
10:00 am     Break
10:30 am   GEON Products and Demos (Cont.)
12:00 pm     Lunch - Bahia Barbeque Served at 'The Pond'
1:00 pm   Larry Smarr, UCSD/Calit2,
"Analyzing Large Earth Data Sets: New Tools from the Optiputer and LOOKING Projects"
1:30 pm   Deborah McGuinness, Stanford,
"Virtual Solar Terrestrial Observatories"
2:00 pm   David Soller, USGS,
"Standards Development for the US National Geologic Map Database"
2:30 pm     Break
3:00 pm   Robert Hatcher, Univ of Tennessee, Knoxville,
"Recovering Non-Digital and Digital Geospatial Data that are Not Becoming Part of Organized Databases: A GEON Opportunity"
3:20 pm   Randy Keller, UTEP,
"A Scheme for the Development of Integrated 3-D Models of Lithospheric Structure"
3:40 pm   Norm Miller, Deb Agarwal, NCHS/UC Berkeley,
"The National Center for Hydrological Synthesis and Development of a 'Watershed Toolbox'"
4:00 pm   Poster Session
5:30 pm     Meeting ends
6:00 pm   Dinner Cruise
May 6, 2005

Bahia Hotel Ballrooms B-C-D-E
7:00 am     Full Breakfast Served aboard the Wm. D Evans Sternwheeler
Morning   Session Chair: Art Goldstein, Colgate University
8:00 am   Fran Berman, UCSD/SDSC,
"Building a Community Through GEON"
8:30 am   John Orcutt, President AGU, SIO,
"Information Technology at the AGU"
9:00 am   Ramon Arrowsmith, ASU,
"Image Processing, LIDAR and High Resolution 2D interpolation, and 3D Visualization for Data Integration"
9:20 am   Kerstin Lehnert, LDEO, Columbia Univ,
"EarthChem: Solid Earth Geochemisty in Geoinformatics"
9:40 am   Martin Flower, University of Illinois, Chicago (presented by Shuhab Khan, University of Houston),
"Report for the TETHYS Database: Advancing Data Management for Orogenic Systems"
10:00 am     Break
10:30 am   Allister Rees, Univ of Arizona,
"A Hierarchical Coding Scheme for Integrating Geologic Databases"
10:50 am   John Oldow, Univ of Idaho,
"Integration of Digital Data Resources To Estimate the History and Rates of Deformation in the Alvord Ext Basin"
11:10 am   Calvin Barnes, Texas Tech Univ,
"Toward a Concept Space for Crustal Magmatic Processes"
11:30 am   Drew Mirante, Bryn Mawr,
"Implementing a Web Service for Spatial Data - Spatial Fusion"
11:50 pm     Lunch - Deli Express Buffet Served at 'The Pond'
Afternoon   Session Chair: Leslie Ruppert, USGS
1:00 pm   Mike Tait, ESRI,
"OnDemand GIS: The Next Evolution for Geographic Information Systems"
1:20 pm   Michael Piasecki, Drexel Univ,
"Hydrologic Ontologies Framework"
1:40 pm   Jamie Farrell, Univ of Utah,
"The Yellowstone GIS Database"
1:50 pm   Ghulam Memon, SDSC/SDSU,
"Generating Composite Thematic Maps From Semantically-different Shapefile Collections"
2:00 pm   Leonardo Salayandia, UTEP,
"Extending a Worflow Management System to Support Interoperable and Reliable Service-Oriented Components"
2:10 pm   Omar Ochoa, UTEP,
"JavaMac and Runtime Monitoring for Geoinformatics Grid Services"
2:20 pm   Flor Salcedo, UTEP,
"Structuring Ontologies for Data Discovery and Navigation"
2:30 pm   Dogan Seber, SDSC,
"Discover Our Earth: A Discovery-based Learning Tool in the Cyberinfrastructure Era"
2:50 pm   Michael Wright, UCAR/DLESE,
"Integration of Educational Knowledge Structures into GEON Cyberinfrastructure"
3:15 pm     Break
3:30 pm   Town Hall Meeting: Cyberinfrastructure and Geoscience Research Opportunities
(Moderators: Lee Allison, Chaitan Baru)
4:45 pm   Closing Remarks
5:00 pm     Meeting Adjourns

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GEON is an NSF-funded collaborative research project facilitating information integration and knowledge discovery in the Geosciences.